Pusašis ir Ko offers professional repair of all types of cardan shafts and axles (different makes of cars, minibuses, road tractors, agricultural vehicles, waterborne transport). Our repair work is backed up with a guarantee.

         Within the shortest time our professional mechanics will balance your cardan shaft on specialised cardan shaft balancing machine (MC992), replace the cross pieces, shorten, lengthen the cardan shaft or produce a new one. We offer our customers spare parts for cardan shafts from our stock. If required, Pusašis ir Ko provides consultations.

    New service: balancing of various shafts, axles and components on specialised machines (KИ-4274), e.g. crankshafts, different woodworker shafts, flywheels, etc.

     Cardans shafts production. Submit only basic types, we can produce any type that You specify the drive shaft. Read more …

We guarantee high quality!

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Tel./fax (+370 37) 310668
e-mail info@kardanai.com

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